Saturday, 13 February 2010

All aboard!

Or maybe not. Not many people about at Southern Cross Station on Saturday night


  1. Very nice! Of course, I love photos of stations any time.
    Is that a slightly long exposure?

  2. Thanks, Bill. Um...I just point and shoot! I thought it was time that I learnt how to use all the settings on my camera, so I've signed up to do a one-day course in a few weeks, which I'm hoping will make for better photos (from a technical perspective at least).

  3. It´s a very enjoyable photo but I´m really puzzled why you have so many trains and big trainstation there yet nobody is using them! I used to like hanging out at train stations long time ago. Maybe some day.

  4. The way you have captured that roof line is stunning. Complements the line provided by the centre lighting. Lovely lighting for someone who reckons she has NFI what she is doing!!

  5. Hey chrome. It is a bit strange, isn't it? These are the platforms for regional and interstate trains, so I can only assume that there were no more departures for the rest of the evening. although it wasn't *that* late - around 9 or 9.30.

    Hi Julie. Thanks. Yes, I was rather pleased at how it turned out myself! I wouldn't say NFI...but fairly close!

  6. Last time I was at Flinders Street, I saw THE picture I wanted just for a split second. By the time I got the camera out, it had passed.

    This more than compensates. I will come back to look at this one again and again, as tragic as that is to admit!


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