Sunday, 6 September 2009

Grey Sunday


  1. Looks just like my sunday, only difference being that I have leafs and rain. Haa haa, you must be so envious now.

  2. It was a grey day! but a pretty one! Lovely photo! :)

  3. Hey Jayne, I was in the backyard yesterday and you could really see the line of definition of the change that came through. It is always interesting to see clouds in geomertic or formal shapes.

  4. Hi Chrome. Yes, very jealous of your rain. We're starting to get some leaves though. I'm a bit worried about our trees, they've got so confused with our weather - some didn't even lose their leaves during winter - and I'm not sure some will ever be the same after the roasting they copped last summer. And another scorching summer is predicted. :(

    Hi Deidre. Thanks. I love a skeletal tree against a cloudy sky.

    Hey db. Clouds are ace.


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