Monday, 3 August 2009


Looking across the river to Birrarung Marr and the CBD


  1. Ferris wheels feel so useless when they are surrounded by buildings that are considerably higher than the wheel.

  2. Ooooo nice chromatic look!

  3. Hey chrome. There's only building on the one side. It's really in a quite an open space with a fairly good view from the top.

    Thanks Jayne. I'm a bit concerned that the picture looks much darker on my work computer (where I am now) than on my laptop (while everything else looks the same). Do I need to compensate...but then I don't know what everyone else sees. Grr.

  4. Dark is good FL,
    If you opened it up a bit to get some more light then it may lose a bit of the clarity.
    I am still waiting for you to get a crystal clear one and then flip it..

  5. But no too dark. I have taken a couple with intention of flipping them, but not happy with them. One day.


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