Sunday, 2 August 2009

Black n white weekend

Cloudage over the city today

The walkway to platforms 8/9 at Richmond Station, heading out last night

Lichen on bluestone at Moonee Ponds train station


  1. That was a sad and beautiful weekend series from the town. Moody skies, surprisingly clean tunnel and I´m so glad to see some urban lichen there!

  2. Nice B+W. I like the walkway one. Almost derilict hospital look about it.

    Did you see they are going to put flashing lights in the bio-dome of the new stadium being constructed near you?

  3. Hi SX3. Thanks. I'm a bit of a cloudaholic.

    Hi Chrome. Yes, the tunnel is very clean - I think the station has been given a once over. It's usually a bit grimy looking. There's plenty of lichen in the city, especially on old buildings. Though I think it's a different sort of lichen to the type you featured recently.

    Hey db. I was quite pleased with how the walkway one turned out. I like it when a photo of something everyday nad unremarkable turns into a nice image.

    I did see that about the Rectangle Stadium and I'm quite pleased because it sounds great and I will be able to see it from my window. A few months back I saw a small group of coloured lights on it in a hexagonal shape (maybe testing?)and that looked pretty cool. It's really taking shape now. Don't know what it's like inside, but I love the shape.


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