Sunday, 5 July 2009


Afternoon tea at The Windsor Hotel (How cute is that mini lemon meringue pie?)


  1. It looks very yummy. I just wonder if some people think that you are odd when you photograph your restaurant meals?

  2. Is that a Lemon Tart?! Lemon Tart was something I discovered in Melbourne and it is something that will always remind me of that lovely city.

  3. I like the plate. very art deco.

  4. *stomach rumbles appreciatively*


    i second dam buster - nice plate

  5. Ooh! This has got me all excited...

  6. Hey chrome. It was all very yummy. I did feel self-conscious taking pictures of my food, but there were other people taking photos of the buffet so I didn't feel too bad. Afternoon tea at The Windsor is an event rather than just a bite to eat.

    Hi Hans. No, it's not lemon tart - there's pear and almond tart and a mango cheesecake. But I did have lemon tart for dessert at a dinner with friends later the same night!

    Hello db. Not a sweet tooth?

    Hey AWIP. I also had pavlova and a tiny chocolate cake from the buffet....on top of the tiny sandwiches, scones and pastries they brought to our table!

    Hi MD. It sent me into a sugar stupor!


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