Friday, 17 July 2009

The Forum

The "picturesque Moorish fantasy" that is The Forum on the corner of Flinders and Russell Streets in the city.
Have those little lights always been on the dome? Have I not been paying attention?


  1. I remember seeing them I think more than a year ago. It was looking shabby the last time I saw it in daylight.

  2. Hmmm. I can't believe I didn't notice since I walk past it a lot and I don't walk around looking at the footpath. Oh well. I like them.

    And yes, there's a difference between faded glory and disrepair and the exterior of The Forum is sliding towards the latter. Time to spend a bit more money on it.

  3. what an exotic looking place! what is it's purpose? a theatre, perhaps? please enlighten me :)

  4. It is exotic. It's Neo-Islamic, according to Vintage Melbourne. It used to be the State Theatre. It has two auditoriums, one which now hosts live bands and the other, which has tiered seating, hosts...other stuff, like Comedy Festival gigs.

    It's amazing inside too - lots of Roman style statuary and in the band room, the ceiling is a blue and has little lights set into it so it's like the night sky. It needs some freshening up, but it's still awesome.

  5. Yep, def needs some maintenance, too good a building to be in the state it's slid into.

  6. What a beautiful photo.

    They seem to have a reasonable mix of events there. Hopefully they continue to keep it maintained. (I was reading your first comment that said it is looking shabby).

  7. I hope they do maintain it. Last time i was there was for a work xmas party of all things. I was sitting on the table with the state manager and his wife proceeded to get smashed!

    Anyway it is a great venue.


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