Sunday, 6 May 2012

Ballarat and Clunes

 Lake Wendouree, Ballarat 

Lake Wendouree boat shed

Pegasus atop the Central Garage in Clunes

 A window of the old post office in Clunes,
 which is now a bookshop and residence

 Post office windows again

 Church window, Clunes

Clunes cemetery

On the road between Clunes and Creswick


  1. There's so much water in Lake Wendouree! How fantastic!

    Were you at the Back to Booktown event in Clunes?

    1. I was! It was my first visit to Booktown and Clunes. I loved it - books, old signs, lovely old buildings, rustic country charm. What's not to like?

  2. Not so long ago I was in Ballarat and Lake Wendouree had not a drop in it. So wonderful for them to have water again.

    (Maybe this series could be called "Girl just outside of Melbourne").

    1. Same with me - it was three years since my last visit. Did you know I have another blog? You can read more about my day out there.


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