Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Taken while walking home through Birrarung Marr at dusk. I like the mirrored building, but it's a little odd plonked there all by itself


  1. It looks spectacular in the photo, but in real life, in its situation, I suspect not.

  2. Great shot, this one. The light is awesome. I've taken a few shots of this building, but nothing worthy of publication. I always wanted to catch a guy in a suit on his phone up in one of those offices in the top left...

  3. Hi Andrew. It looks different depending on the light and time of day, although that can't do anything about its location.

    Hi Alan. I've taken a few shots as well, but this is the first that was worth posting, and then that's only because of the sky and the light.

    I remember when they were building it - I'd walk past thinking, when are they going to slot that piece of glass into place...Eventually I realised it was meant to jut out like that.


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