Saturday, 20 August 2011


At the Flinders/Elizabeth Street tram terminal. Odd they put up a
permanent sign when the show's on for 10 days a year.

25 South Australia. What?

Fantastic Coke sign, Commercial Road, Prahran

This is a multi-sign extravaganza a few doors up from the one above.
Let's look closer...

Can you make out the sign for The Herald underneath?
 (The Herald and The Sun merged in the late 1980s.)

Four 'n Twenty pies...

Four 'n Twenty and Streets icecream

 This coke bottle is pretty ace too.

I love that they called this The Big Store and put
 it on the building! It's at the back of the
building where Prahran Coles is (click to enlarge).

 Fantastic! What a shame they boarded over  the windows.
It even housed an ironmonger.  If you look closely at the top,
you can make out McLelland something (click to enlarge).

It also housed a mercery. Whassat?


  1. Love you love for old signs. I've even gotten to looing for/at them around here. Have even seen one that has been repainted - kinda miss the original one.

    Mercers were/are cloth merchants so I guess the Mercery is the name for the business. I even remember, as a young child - lo many years ago, this term being used. Before the development of department stores that incorporated cloth sales.

  2. Love the four and twenty signs .

  3. You might want to contribute some of these to:

  4. A MUST SEE site for you... take a look, you won't regret it:D
    Boston Giggles Fan

  5. Also you might want to check out the robot posters on: under vintage posters, you might like the rest of the site as well..."D
    Boston Giggles Fan.

  6. Hi JSK. Thanks for the info re the mercery. Looking for old signs does become a little addictive! I never pass a laneway or alley without having a look for signs. I'm glad it's rubbing off on others.

    Thanks, Joe.

    Hi Daniel. I have visited that site before a few years ago, but it never occurred to me to contribute. I should, shouldn't I? (I find the site disappointingly unuser-friendly though, I have to say. That great mass of map markers! I just want to see photos without having to keep click-click-clicking back and forth.)

    Hey Anon. Thanks for the links! Cool stuff. I think I'm going to lose quite a few horus on retroplanet...


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