Sunday, 23 January 2011

Floral Sunday

Droopy daisy

I love the formation of the purple bits on this hibiscus (not sure if they're stamens or pistils)


  1. awesome! love the colours in the top one, particularly. :)

  2. Hello you. Thanks. I was just thinking about you this afternoon, and how quiet you'd been lately. Nice to see you pop up.

  3. looks like using macro lens.. nice shot

  4. You should check out another blogger who also has some wonderful photos and sincere insights about her life and children I think you might like her blog I have already suggested both of yours to her as they are soooo wonderful, her blog is: Just one small question is it dagnammit or dagnabbit? I think it was Elmer Fudd's mangle of "dang rabbit" but I could be wrong... love your stuff!


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