Monday, 18 May 2009

Up, up and awaaaaaaaay

Looking through my living room window, 7.30am


  1. I woke this morning and lifted my head there was Barloworld floating past my window, would be maybe five or so minutes later.

  2. what a lovely sight to greet you as you wake :)

    (as long as they can't see in while you're trotting around in the nude hahahaha)

  3. Something different for sure. A few weeks ago on 774 a woman from tooooooorak rang up to say that some "hot air balloons almost crashed" only to have the balloon operator ring 5 mins later to say they didn't crash as they were taking off..

  4. Hi Andrew. You oculd se them, but could they see you?

    Hello AWIP. Yes, very lovely. Fortunately, I'm not so much given to naked wandering now I have a flatmate.

    Hey db. What a twit. Clearly she needs to learn up from down.

  5. It´s always such a vision when they go above the house unexpectedly.


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