Sunday, 27 February 2011

Signday (yes, I'm obsessed)

In the old Sunday tram service on Park Street

Not sure if this vintage store is called The Suit Hospital
or if that was a previous tenant.

Albert Park

Also Albert Park

A double decker off Clarendon Street, South Melbourne. I can't make out
the first word of the top sign but then it says "weekly quarterly payments".
The bottom says "dry cleaners". That could have been another sign
 to the left of the window too.


  1. I too am a huge fan of old signs. I want them to be there forever and ever.

  2. They're fantastic! I am always looking forward to the posts you do of these ghost signs.

  3. Cute! It's my 'hood. The store in the second photo is called Empire Vintage I think. I love that they left the 'suit hospital' text there, it looks great and suits the kind of store it is.


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