Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Weekend in Walhalla IV - buildings

Richmond & Gloz - Carpenters, builders and undertakers etc.
I love the 'etc' tacked on the end

The lovely Windsor Guesthouse.

An old shed on the main street. 

I think this is the old Freemasons Lodge or something like that.

An old railway building


  1. Love the photos from Walhalla, one of my favourite places :)
    Hope you visted the cemetery!
    The Hartwell railway station is the former Walhalla station - they moved it down the hill after the mine petered out.

  2. I love Walhalla. This is where Mr. Slupee took me when he kidnapped me (to the cemetery - shoulda been a sign, no?). But it's a beautiful little town.

    Did you do the mine tour?

  3. Hi Jayne. It's one of my favourite places now too. Yes, we did visit the cemetery - that was high on my to-do list. I did hear/read somewhere that they movie the old station.

    Hi Deidre. Haha. I don't know - it is a good spot for a romantic getaway and the cemetery is spectacular...


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