Sunday, 7 November 2010


...and sunny. These clouds didn't drop any rain here, but maybe they did out east.
 Looking out my bedroom window this afternoon.


  1. Maybe the recipient of the advertising dollars for the billboard could direct some of the money to fixing the clock.

  2. I get rather cross every time I think about how the Nylex clock has been left to lie dormant. Surely a consortium of government, private enterprise and other organisations could chip in to get it going again, if no single company is willing to put up the funds?

  3. I think it is left to lie dormant as its 'use by ' date has passed. Until some ine can see some public(ity) benefit in getting it going again the dust will continue to gather.

  4. I don't think it's reached its use by date at all. There's a lot of affection for the old clock among Melburnians. It's an icon, like the Skipping Girl Vinegar sign and someone paid for that to be restored in the past few years (AGL, according to google).

    Any entity which stumped up the funds would get good publicity out of it...but maybe they'd prefer to have their name up in lights, not Nylex's.


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